Lyn Meredith Horsemanship


  • Performance horsemanship training, colt starting, long term training, reined cow horses, versatility training.
  • Horsemanship mentoring program, clinics, sales, judging
  • Using gentle, effective methods, and focusing on a willing partnership and a performance foundation.
WE HAVE MOVED! We are now located in Hanford, right off of the 198 and near 10th Ave.
quotesI have been a client of Lyn Meredith’s for 6 years now. In that time I have sent her 4 horses to train and I am getting ready to send her my 5th horse. Now, there are trainers much closer to my location (TN), and my list of previous trainers is long, but I choose to send my horses to Lyn. I have found Lyn to be honest, trustworthy and a no gimmick person. She not only trains horses, she makes these noble creatures into life partners and encourages owners to take an active role in the process of making their horse into a partner. One of these special partner horses is my Straight Egyptian Arabian Catlin. Every event I go to with this mare people are amazed at not only her manners, but how she cares for me – her rider. She is a “been there – done that” kind of mare thanks to the expertise & training methods that Lyn Meredith uses.  ~Deborah Meade, TN, owner of Cat, April, Silver, Vinnie, and Kahar.